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Real-Time GPS Tracking

Monitor your fleet, equipment, pets or assets through frequent data updates that range from a few seconds to a few hours.

Trip Summary Reports

Analyze which routes where travelled by your fleet, how much time elapsed to complete the trip and how many times the vehicle stoopped/started


A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real world geographical area. Our systems use data to trigger a programmed action when vehicle enters/exits a virtual boundary

Driver Behaviour

Monitor your drivers' habits by tracking speed, turning, braking and idling hours to improve fuel efficiency and safety.

Insurance Telematics

Also known as Pay As You Drive, get rewarded for good driving behaviour by getting lower premiums for safe driving.

Fleet Management

Our innovative services ensure that fleet management is secure, sustainable and efficient for business operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Our unit has blind data storage feature. Which means, it continues to collect data which will be transmitted to the system once network coverage is restored.

The device sends SMS alerts if battery power is low, when battery is removed or when it is hit hard.

Our system has a web based software as well as Android and IOS mobile apps, which makes it easy to manage your fleet from anywhere with internet connection.

15 – 30 minutes depending with the vehicle. Our highly skilled personnel will install the unit on the vehicle. It will take a further 10 minutes to confgure the device until it is online.

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